Research Economic Institute of the Ministry of Economy
1.Cherviakov Alexandr Viktorovich –  Director of the Institute
2.Malishko Olga Sergeevna – The Head of the State Control and Regulation of Property Relations Divisio

Ministry of Finance
3.Nedostup Andrei Vladimirovich - The Head of the Payments from Foreign Economic Activities and International Tax Agreements Division (Main Department of Tax Policy and Budget Revenues)
4.Dashkevich Ekaterina Dladimirovna – Consultant of Income Taxation Division (Main Department of Tax Policy and Budget Revenues)
5.Stanko Tamara Nikolaevna - The Head of the Division of Property Relations and Trade Finance (Main Department of Industrial and Fuel and Energy complexes Finance)
6.Bozhanova Ekaterina Vasil'evna – Deputy Head of Taxes, Statements and Collection of Payments Department
7.Todryk Juri - Deputy Head of Legal Department

Customs committee
8.Gupolovich Roman Mefodievich – The Head of the Division of Custom’s Control Organization and Analysis of Technology Effectiveness (Department of Custom’s Control Organization)
9.Bildiukevich Nikolai Evgen’evich – main inspector of the Methodology and Information Management Division (Department of the Risk Analysis and Operational Control)

BEROC – Partner Organization
10.Svetlana Yakubovskaya – Project Manager

PMCG – Policy and Management Consulting Group
11.Teona Tsutskhvashvili – Project Assistant
12.Shalva Askurava - Translator